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51 Born before Christening: 31 Oct 1619 Ilkley,YKS,ENG

Bpt details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Batch No.P007641 (1597-1812) Father's name as Johannis MASKEW  
Maskew, Robertus (I80049)
52 Born before Christening: 5 Jul 1685 Otley,YKS,ENG

Note: Bpt details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Batch No.P009351 (1563-1564; 1583-1753)  
Maskew, Jonathan (I80056)
53 Burial::
Rosemound Cemetery
McLennan County
Texas, USA
Plot: Section - P Plot - 81 
Goodnight, Beulah Dell (I849521)
54 Came out of Royal Navy 1946 went to work at Broadmoor mental Hospital Nr
crowthorne Berkshire.
Retired to 71 Broadmead Callington Cornwall 12th october 1972. 
Justice, Jack Stanley (I53)
55 Catherine was a linguist, spoke Russian and was a censor in WW2. She visited Russia but I don't think she was able to find out anything. Hodson, Catherine (I254)
56 Cause of death given as Senile Decay Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
57 Chaplain of the Forces at the Ionian island of Zante during the Crimean War 1854-56. Here he was joined by his sister, Harriette Mercia who died on the island in 1858. Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
58 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F4438599295
59 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F4438599291
60 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F4438599292
61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F4438599293
62 Christening records shows name as Charles Frederick son of John Shepherd Maskew and Jula. All other records, including census show his name as Frederick Charles Maskew Maskew, Frederick Charles (I693)
63 Christening: 21 Dec 1614 Ilkley,YKS,ENG

Birth details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Film No.447993 pp31 Ref No.12534
Bpt details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Batch No.P007641 (1597-1812) Father's name shown as Johannis MASKEW
Marriage details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Batch No.A455328  
Maskew, Thomas (I80047)
64 Christening: 25 Dec 1679 Otley,YKS,ENG

Note: Bpt details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Batch No.P009351 (1563-1564; 1583-1753)  
Maskew, Joseph (I80054)
65 Christening: 28 Mar 1674 Otley,YKS,ENG

Note: Bpt details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Batch No.P009351 (1563-1564; 1583-1753)  
Maskew, Thomas (I80053)
66 Christening: 9 Jul 1617 Ilkley,YKS,ENG
Name probably Latinised for register
Bpt details from IGI on-line (Mar 2000) Batch No.P007641 (1597-1812) Father's name as Johannis MASKEW

Jane Maskew
b. 1617-07-09 in Ilkley, Yorkshire, England
d. 1686-07 in Langbar, Ilkley, Yorkshire, England
Married: Timothy Briggs 1640-05-25 in Church All Saints, Ilkley, Yorkshire, England 
Maskew, Jana (I80048)
67 Copy Birth Certificate Details
Registration District Easthampstead
Sub District of Sandhurst in the County of Berkshire.
No 212 9th December 1914
Church Road, Crowthorne R.D.
Jack Stanley
Name of Father Jack Justice
Name of Mother Gladys Annie Justice Formerley Battams
Rank/profession of father Gunner Royal Field Artillery ( General Labourer)
Present at birth E. Justice Church Road Crowthorne
Registered 28th December 1914  
Justice, Jack Stanley (I53)
68 Correction 01/24/2007 (d.maskew): DOB was listed as June, 1851, should be October 16, 1852

Great Grand Father to Dwight Lee Maskew (Living) and Jackie Maskew Cavallin (Living).
According to Census Records, came to America in 1873. Family records indicate he settled in Waco, TX in 1878. Wool Grower and later was US Post Master in Patton, McLennan County, Texas from 23 Oct 1893 - 23 Sep 1903. He took over the position from his father in law, Richard A. Seymour, son of George Robertson (Seamore) Seymour.
Father of Julian Earle (Jack) Maskew and Elsie Maskew

Name: G. Maskew
Year: 1850-1906
Place: Texas
Source Publication Code: 5772
Primary Immigrant: Maskew, G
Annotation: Copied from an index of naturalization records in the Office of the District Clerk of McLennan County, Texas. Names only given.
Period covered: 1850-1906.
Source Bibliography: MONTGOMERY, MRS. L.E., copier. "Naturalization Records, McLennan County, Texas." In The Family Tree (Quarterly of the Central Texas Genealogical Society). Vol. 12:3 (Sept. 1969), pp. 5-11.
Page: 6

Buried: Rosemound Cemetery, McLellan Co., TX 
Maskew, Gilbert (I634)
69 Curate in Charge of Tunstall in Lancashire around 1876/77 where his son was born and thereafter transferred from the Church of England to the Episopalian Church of Scotland. he took as his parish the thriving Perthshire town of Dollar and there raised the funds to build the church of Great St. James and built the manse (vicarage) from his own funds. Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
70 Cyril didn't serve in the first world war but went out as a photographer with General Denikin's White Russian army just after (another Russian connection!). Hodson, Rev Cyril (I238)
71 Dad(Joseph Maskew) died Sept. 1934 right before my High School graduation. Grandma(Ellen Hughes) died, to the best of my knowledge, very shortly thereafter, before the end of the year. No divorce, Catholics didn't divorce back then, remember. Grandpa Weppler didn't last long after Grandma's death but we had no connections with him. He was a boastful man, strongly built who handled would be muggers of his Hill district. To hear him tell it, he was "respected".

Unfortuneatly Jake(his brother Jacob Maskew) had problems - women & booze. Mildred died young probably in her early 40's. I really didn't know. As I implied the divorce was Jakes's behaviour.

When your in town a telephone call may clear up some questions. Ellen was born in Ireland & worked in England. Sorry for the hard writing.

Joe Maskew
Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index

County: Allegheny, Pittsburgh Enumeration District: 0324 Visit: 0455
Name: Peter Mcgraw
Relation: Husband
Color: W
Age: 50
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Other Residents: Wife Ellen 50, Ireland
Stepson Robert Maskew 20, Pennsylvania 
Hughes, Ellen (I0131)
72 Death Cerificate Details
Registration District Plymouth County Of Devon
Sub District Pymouth
Entry No 54
Date and Place Of Death 6th MAY 1984
Freedom Fields Hospital Plymouth
Date and Place of Birth (th December 1914 Crowthorne Berkshire
Occupation and Usual Address
Chief Male Nurse (Retired )
71 Broadmead Callington Cornwall
Name and Surname of Informant David Robert Justice Son
Usual Address 88 Canada Way Worcester County Of Hereford & Worcester
Cause Of Death
Date of Registration 8th MAY 1984  
Justice, Jack Stanley (I53)
73 Death was registered by Bridget A M Crawford, ( his daughter’s second married name) who was living at 13 (or 1) Kingsley Avenue West Ealing. Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
74 Death: 1884 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand Edward was in the Merchant Service  Maskew, Edward (I4502)
75 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I800464254944)
76 Death: OCT 1984 in West Alexander,Washington,Pennsylvania
IDNO: 906
Event: Social Security # 175-22-2679

[Ellen maskew.FTW]

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 M-Z, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: 18 Sep 1998, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Stark, Elizabeth
Social Security #: 175-22-2679
SS# issued in: Pennsylvania

Birth date: 16 Aug 1929
Death date: Oct 1984

Residence code: Pennsylvania

ZIP Code of last known residence: 15376
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code: West Alexander, Pennsylvania

Marriage 1 Donald STARK
Married: 16 DEC 1947
Note: 1 REFN 649130 
Eichensehr, Elizabeth Ruth (I6218)
77 Deputy sheriff and farmer. Killed in line of duty as a deputy sher Rainey, Appleton Allen (I1031)
78 Details Birth certificate
Born 1881 Registration District Wolstanton in the Sub district of Tunstall.
in the County of Stafford.
No 280
21st April 1881 Born ar School Lane Kidsgrove
Father's name Joseph Banks
Mother's Name Harriet Banks Formerley Fisher
Occupation of Father Forgeman
Signature, description and residence of informant Harriet Banks , School Lane
Registered 27th May 1881. 
Banks, Alfred (I17)
79 Details of Birth certificate from St. Catherine House 1865 3rd Quarter Volume
6B Page 171 Born in Parish of Stoke 
Johnson, Henry (I38)
80 Details of death from microfiche
31st October 1973
4th Quarter Volume 9B ? (hard to read) Page 1496.
Date of birth 26th July 1896. 
Johnson, Annie Eliza (I19)
81 Details of Marriage certificate
1893 Marriage solemnized at the Wesleyane Chapel Longton in the district of
Stoke upon Trent in the county of Stafford.
No 47
21st February 1893
Henry Johnson aged 27 a bachelor Profession Hay and Corn Dealer Residence at
time Looks like 85 Spring Road Normacott
Father Name James Snape Johnson (deceased ) Profession Hay and Corn Dealer.
Elizabeth Cooper Aged 22 a Spinster
Profession Looks like Dress Maker
Residence same as Henry Johnson
Father's Name Josiah Cooper Profession Plasterer.
in the presence of Jessey Brayford and Hannah Brayford. 
Johnson, Henry (I38)
82 Details of Marriage Certificate details from St. Catherine's House Microfiche.
1893 1st Quarter Volume 6B Page 289 Stoke on Trent. 
Johnson, Henry (I38)
83 Details originally from Mrs Sylbia HORNER (LAN,ENG)
Witnesses to marriage were Joseph TENNANT (possibly Elizabeth's brother) and Hannah MASKEW (Thomas' sister)
Following marriage details from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints "marriage entry" by Frank HOYLE of Johannesburg, South Africa (Batch No.8801430)
From Parish Register of St Chad, Wesley Chapel, Castlemere, Rochdale, LAN on 06 Nov 1845
Father's name: John MASKEW (1768)  
Maskew, Thomas (I800269260189)
84 Died 10th November 1946, aged 65.
Details as follows:-
4th Quarter Volume 9B Page 588 Stoke On Trent.
buried Longton cemetery 
Banks, Alfred (I17)
85 Died 13th December 1953.
Details of Death She was 84.
1953 4th Quarter Volume 9B Page 504.
buried Longton cemetery. 
Cooper, Elizabeth (I42)
86 Died 29th October 1931
Details :-
Aged 66
4th Quarter Volume 6B Page 202 Longton, Staffordshire 
Johnson, Henry (I38)
87 Died at 230 Wilbur Street, Pittsburgh, PA Dornburg, Herman H. (I6503)
88 Died at age 33, 14 days before her 34th birthday. Knight, Emily Baverstock (I4500)
89 Died at age 90 Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
90 Died in Callahan Co., TX. Buried Bosqueville Cemetary, McLennan Co., Tx next to spouse Josephine Laura (Josie, Lulu and Lill) Riddle. Wool grower with brothers Gilbert and Charles Frederick  Maskew, Henry Christopher (I658)
91 died in infa Maskew, Appleton Dearman (I6100)
92 Died in Thornbury, Herefordshire, England - 1893-02-03


Maskew, Thomas Rotsey(sic)
Year: 1844
Quarter: September
Record Type: Marriages
Volume: 8
Page: 99

Maskew, Thomas Ratsey
Year: 1893
Quarter: March
Record Type: Deaths
Volume: 6a
Page: 371

Book entitled The Visitation of England and Wales, edited by Frederick Artur Crisp Volume 18, pages 84-85 held at the Main Library Fort Worth, Tx states THOMAS RATSEY MASKEW was born same date but 1820. (NEEDS CLARIFYING)

About Thomas Ratsey Maskew
Thomas was a Cambridge Scholar. 1839 his received his BA and his MA in 1842.(Prin.Reg.573,93) June 2, 1893, by the Rev. Thomas Hodson. Esq., Of Lymington, Hants. B. Sept. 7, 1818, at Keyhaven. Schoolsherborne). Matric. Michs. 1837.
Migrated to Sidney, May 11, 1840;
Ord. deacon (Heref.) 1842;priest,
1843; C. ofBrockhampton, Heref.,
1842-3. C. of Sidlesham, Sussex,
1843-4. C. of Swyre, Dorset,
1844-6. R. Swyre, 1856-61.
Headmaster of DorchesterGrammar school,
1846-78. C. of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop,
1879-81. C. of Kinlet,
1881-5. R. of Thornbury, Heref.,
1885-92. Disappears fromCrockford,
1893. (Scott, MSS.)

Will dated 1/15/1889 woth codicil dated 2/15/1889, proved 6/2/1893 by Rev Thomas Hodson

Maskew, Thomas Ratsey.
College: TRINITY
Entered: Michs. 1837
Born: (see above)
Died: (see above)
Adm. pens. at TRINITY, July 5, 1837. [S. of Thomas, Esq., of Lymington, Hants. B. Sept. 7, 1818, at Keyhaven. School Sherborne]. Matric. Michs. 1837. Migrated to Sidney, May 11, 1840; B.A. 1842; M.A. 1846. Ord. deacon (Heref.) 1842; priest, 1843; C. of Brockhampton, Heref., 1842-3. C. of Sidlesham, Sussex, 1843-4. C. of Swyre, Dorset, 1844-6. R. of Swyre, 1856-61. Headmaster of Dorchester Grammar School, 1846-78. C. of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, 1879-81. C. of Kinlet, 1881-5. R. of Thornbury, Heref., 1885-92. Disappears from Crockford, 1893. (Scott, MSS.)

Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900
Name College Entered
Maskew, Thomas Ratsey. TRINITY Michs. 1837

1109 MASKEW (T. R., B.A.) Annotations on the Acts. With College and Senate-House Examination Papers. 12mo. Camb., 1847. 1/6.
A handbook to the Acts, viewing it simply as a Greek book; prepared for the use of students passing through the university

JOHN MEADE FALKNER (1858-1932) wrote several books. One entitled of "Moonfleet" has characters based on Rev Thomas Ratsey Maskew. This book was also made into a 1955 movie with the same title which is now also available on DVD.

Moonfleet Manor - Dorset has rooms named after Thomas Ratsey Maskew
More: Moonfleet Manor, Dorset 
Maskew, Rev Thomas Ratsey (I4498)
93 Died of Kidney Disease Devonish, Marie Pauline (I629051907)
94 During his service he met and married Marie Pauline Devenish. She was barely 16 adn he was 39 when they were married on 9 August 1864 by Henry's brother, the Rev. Thomas Ratsey Maskew at All Saints, Dorchester. They had five children, four daughters and a son. Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
95 Educated at Sherborne

Lived at Ashburton, New Zealand 
Maskew, George Fairclough (I4510)
96 Educated at Sherborne School and at Magdalen Hall, Oxford;
Matriculated (graduated): 5 Dec 1844 
Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
97 Electoral: 1920 Lyttleton.
Maskew, Emily Gertrude, 12 Denman St, Sumner.
Maskew, Thomas Anthony Browne, 12 Denman St, Sumner.
Rtd. Civil Servant.

Electoral: 1938 Hurunui
Maskew, Thomas Anthony Browne, Domett. Retired.
Occupation: Clerk Postal Department NZ Government

Third son of Rev. T R Maskew M.A  
Maskew, Thomas Anthony Browne (I1191)
98 Entered the Church of England as a deacon in 1850 and held several chaplaincies until 1853 when he became Assistant Chaplain to the Forces. Maskew, Rev. Henry Edward (I6290)
99 Father of Jack Maskew and 11 other children.
Married Willie Oma Jackson b.October 16, 1902 Alvarado, TX (Massey Wilburn Jackson/Willie Ester Jarrell)
also married Beulah Dell Goodnight.  
Maskew, Julian Earle (I635)
100 Father officiated this wedding Family F550582261

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